blogging down

It has been a bit of a struggle to blog. I don’t have my trusty internet vacuum cleaner antenna and am unable to borrow internet from shore. I have a bluetooth keyboard connected to my phone and my phone is the screen…Guess how long this post will be.

We arrived on Monday and everything was fine with flights, luggage and our hotel. We stayed at Marshalls part of the gas station/liquor store, customs office and bakeshop complex. The room was under a hundred bucks and it was clean and the air conditioning worked.

We decided to go out for a drink and made it as far as twin turtles and I had a couple of mount gays and coke and ML had some rum punch. Back to our rooms and bed by dark. We slept until it was light again. Drinks are not cheap here but they don’t skimp on the booze.

Tuesday morning finds us with all our luggage about 500 meters from the Elvis Water taxi place. We loaded up like the typical Canadian tourist and made the trek. Down roads, over curbs, through fields, down roads, dodging container trucks, dodging trucks finally to the Water taxi terminal.

Once you get close enough the Water taxi staff kicked into gear and showed us how to get our stuff to the boat. We did have a bit of a load…2 checked bags, 2 carry ons and two personal items and a hangover.

We made it across the harbour and the tourists with us were dropped at Chat n chill and we continued on to Fracas.  Only one of the boats washed ashore during Joaquin are still on shore. The power boat shows some digging activity, someone is trying to refloat her.

Shortly after we make it to Fracas. Outwardly she looked pretty good. While Fracas was fending for herself the maximum temperature below decks registered at 107 degrees. We have not found anything damaged by the heat.

The task ahead was daunting. We had to move all the boat shit that was all over everthing and put it back on deck to make room to sleep. We worked hard all day in hot no wind conditions and got the job done…25 square feet of available bed….

More later

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