04022016..434 Morning Cruiser’s Net

Thursday February 04th, 2016

My routine in the morning; wake up at 05:00, make the coffee, hook up the SSB radio and listen to Chris Parkers weather prediction. Chris has a slightly better percentage than the various rodent prognosticators up North. We then have breakfast and tune into the Elizabeth Harbour 08:00 cruiser’s net. This net differs from the one Roy does up north in a couple of ways. I thought it would be fun to recap this morning’s net so you get a sense of what goes on here.

Sue, the net controller is leaving. Tomorrow will be her last day running the show. A plan and volunteers have come forward to keep the morning show alive. Thanks Sue.

Initially she asks if there is any priority or emergency traffic.

Weather: She will recap the synopsis from Chris Parker or if his weather is absent then she will use Windfinder to provide a forecast for the next several days. I won’t bore you with the details of our weather (its pretty good)

Local Businesses: The local business folks or their representatives go on the radio and promote what they are up to.

  • Tonight – St. Francis resort; Texas Hold’em Poker night. $5 buy in and all the proceeds go back to the top four players.
  • Cheaters; a local restaurant gives us their lunch and dinner menu
  • St. Francis resort; Super bowl party, special on rum…food special, chilli dogs and tacos with onion rings…
  • Lee’s laundry; one of the local laundromats, they also have cold drinks and snacks
  • Tonight – Peace ‘n’ Plenty; tonight they have local rake and scrape band, dancing and buffet
Local announcements: Boaters and others promote activities for and by the boaters
  • Water aerobics 9am at Hamburger beach or near there
  • Local family regatta (end of April) selling T shirts and swag at the Exuma Market
  • Pam will be the new net controller and will coordinate other volunteers to assist
  • NEW – 10:00 at volleyball beach, a new boater will be offering harmonica lessons…perhaps a harmonica marching band?
  • Softball practice 9:15
  • The propane truck will be across from Eddie’s, filling propane bottles right off the truck…
  • Yoga 09:00 at volleyball beach
  • A boater reported that the band and dance at Chat n Chill was a success last night. This will continue each Wednesday through high season.
  • Friday the 12th Local Caruso Club is holding a lunch on Starfish beach (up near ‘Flip Flop’ beach)
Boaters – help! questions and comments:
  • What’s the phone number for the pharmacist at Smitty’s grocery store
  • A boater is looking for someone who knows about Shortwave radios…two boaters
  • Taxi share:  a boater will ask if there is anyone to split the $30 taxi fee to get to the airport
  • A boater’s dog lost their harness yesterday while hiking?????
  • A boater needs help as he has to replace his head stay
  • A boater wants the phone number for Darville’s lumber yard

Buy, Sell, Trade and or Give Away: Sue always gives the disclaimer that it is illegal to sell stuff here without paying the duty…

  • Anchor swivel, sailing gloves and a propeller for an old 115 hp evinrude
  • Fuel and Water separater
  • Bib foulies
  • ice maker
  • Icom VHF radio

New Arrivals and Departures: Nobody is leaving and two boats reported they were new to the harbour

Last business: A chance to shout in with anything missed.

Sue they closes the net and keeps the new folks onboard to tell them the idiosyncrasies of the harbour; garbage, pump out, propane, lake Victoria etc…



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