02012015.3216 Back to the Boat

  We are presently driving to Toronto with M, C and HR to prepare to fly out tomorrow. I am looking forward to getting back to Fracas. Jonathon from Dive Exuma is coming Tuesday to clean her bottom…(Fracas). 

I am ready to announce my New Years resolution. No matter what I do I will ask the question “is this healthy”? This doesn’t mean I will stop drinking, eating, swearing etc… I will use a decision tree. So, if it is healthy then only; eat or drink a little bit, only do 1 rep, stop if you think you might sweat…you get the idea. 

If it is not healthy then; if it’s booze, keep your caloric intake down by not eating. If it’s food don’t eat the stuff that food eats if it’s an activity, wear a helmet…you get the idea. 

Healthy choices I will report how this goes. 

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