November’s sixteenth, twenty seventeen

Everything about Monday was going well. ML stayed at the condo to await two packages we needed to complete repairs. The pump we really need and the wind instrument that will be changed when we are in the water and I can go up the mast. The wind instrument arrived UPS, the pump failed USPS (the post office). The same address that successfully worked for UPS was not valid for USPS.

Amazon’s solution, to send me a 10 paragraph letter telling how profoundly sorry they were. This sappy tale ended with their suggestion we call the USPS and find out what happened. ML spent 32 minutes she will never get back and then we lost our cell service. Amazon said they requested a second delivery attempt so ML stayed at the condo yesterday as well. About noon I received notice from Amazon the pump was going back to them, we had refused delivery.

We are using a different cell service this year, Lesswire for dummies. The phone comes with 4 miles of wire that you have to plug into a phone jack…. remember those?

I reordered the pump and it is coming today. I had assurance that it would come UPS to a new address related to the marina. So when shipping notice came it is coming… wait for it…. United States Postal Service… Tabernac

I had two days at the boat without ML so the boat puke escalated. Boat puking is when every storage area has to be emptied allowing access under it. Then, you have to put stuff back only to discover you have to go in there again.  I had to go to a level three boat puke as I dropped a flashlight and had to go mining. My plan was to get the floor boards back down so we could move on with boat prep… not so, the flashlight mining set me back.

The day came to an end with the goop incident. Goop is a wonderful clear sealant I like to use from time to time. I had a full tube out ready to use. The next time I see the tube the lid is off and half of the contents are loose on the top of a water tank. I quickly checked my shoes and was surprised to see I had not stepped on the goop. I cleaned that up and called the day complete. When I finished and got in the car to go back to the condo I noticed my ass arse butt felt stuck to the seat. (don’t get ahead of the story) It seems I sat on the goop tube. I scratched and rubbed and the goop came off the seat reasonably well.

I found a red rag and put it between my butt and the seat, that seemed to work. The remainder of the drive back to the condo went well considering half a tube of goop was on my ass. I arrived at the condo and did some further scratching and the seat is passable. Where was the red rag? Goop is very effective and sets quickly. Yes, the red rag was firmly affixed to the right cheek of my butt. I cancelled the rest of the day.

I have no pictures of the USPS as I have yet to actually see anyone…

Tomorrow we pick up the exhaust, hopefully it is ok. more later