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Last Mango – John and Karen

As the Crow Flies – Grant and Cindy

NAVIONICS Charts online – new web application

Beach Bar Bums – a travel blog for those of us livin’ de life one beach bar at a time

Bliss II

A C and C 38 traveling from Little Current Ontario Canada to the Caribbean, accompanied by DevOcean



The Incredible Hull a blog covering the rebuild and fitting out of a Whitby 42

Bilge line filter…filter out oil and fuel from bilge water – Practical Sailor

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  1. Well Greg, you master blogger you! Good to see your adventures and happy that you linked us in. If we knew more about blogging, we would do the same! BLISS has survived her surgery and went through post op today. The test drive was a success and we will be back on the water ways tomorrow morning heading for DevOcean and salt water….. Jealous we don’t have a parrot but our pink flamingo is filling the gap! Fair winds…. Dave and Rita…

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