Fracas found a Christmas home

Saturday December’s 2nd, twenty seventeen

We have been under a bunch of stress due to not finding a mooring here in Stuart. Mary Lynn worked all morning and most of the afternoon on the phone trying to find her a spot someplace. We found a spot at Nettles Island Marina.  Nettles Island is a man-made island out in the ICW adjacent to Hutchinson Island just a few miles North of here. I will report on it after we get there on Monday.

Today, we are going a few miles south to Peck Lake to enjoy the weekend. The beach is quite nice there. Hopefully it is not too crowded to find a space to drop the hook. I hope to spend some time with the camera ashore, it has been a while.

more later

3 thoughts

  1. You know you have the best Admiral, ever! Glad you found some space. Try for some pics of the moon next couple of nights, would like to see over the water.

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