Departure -14 days

It has been an action packed ‘summer’ and I use the term loosely. Our son got married, I have been teaching  a lot, my dad was relocated to a senior’s home and I have to get Fracas ready to go. We have two weeks to prepare. What to take off the boat? What to put on the boat? What to fix or install here? What to wait til we get to the US to install or fix? Can we get Kicking Horse coffee in the US? What shots does Woody need to travel internationally (other than his broad spectrum antibiotics)STI? What to take in my tickle trunk?

We spent a nice couple of days with the Fauberts. Their boat is in Jacksonville Florida and they are dirt locked here in the North. They were easy guests and only one piece of silverware is missing.

I will begin the blog effective today. Let the fun begin.

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  1. Who the hell knows what to leave behind or what you might, will or wont need.The only thing is sure- if it can go wrong it will go wrong. Attitude to this is the key! When we cruised the first time for 2 years when things went wrong it was all a big challenge and part of the fun to solve the problems.When we tried again 5 years later the things that went wrong somehow had turned into an imposition -not a good thing.
    We wish you all the very very best and hope you enjoy your adventures and life on the water as much as we did. I still sometimes hanker after it.

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