Day twenty six: 06:21 Charlotte Amalie USVI

As mentioned earlier it is a testament to friendship that two couples can share space on a 46 foot sailboat for more than three weeks. We did it without skirmish although I am sure that Rick and Louise are happy to have the boat to themselves especially as today is their anniversary. I can’t remember how long they have been married but it is a long time…Noah was Rick’s best man and their license is written in hieroglyphics.

We have been coming to the Caribbean and enjoying their generosity for I think 6 years . Some of the cruises will be remembered as food cruises; there was the Ham cruise, the Pork tenderloin cruise and most recently the coleslaw cruise. The early visits helped us narrow down our search for ‘the boat’ and all the trips prepared us for our plan to come south with ‘the boat’ starting next summer. We certainly plan to meet up with Grand Cru and sail with Rick and Louise in tandem, whether it be in the BVI or down island it will be fun. We can tandem up if either family wants to bring a gang down too large for one boat…Grand Cru can try to keep up with FRACAS.

We hope to have family and friends join us and enjoy vacations with us here to help them explore the area and choose their boat if so inclined. I look forward to getting another great friend Greg Henry and his wife Leslie down here so I can teach the poor guy to sail.

2014-02-24 20-26-16 - IMG_2824

We all have lots of good friends and I hope you all have a few great friends. Great friends are the friends you can be separated from for days or years and when you get together the conversation renews like you were together yesterday. Rick is a great friend of mine (reasonable euchre player and a pretty good dancer) and I want to thank he and Louise for their generosity, friendship and accommodation on Grand Cru.

Rick, remember it is a barber hauler or on small boats might be called a twing. Or you can continue to call it that thing from Peters boat that Greg puts on the Jib sheet.

barber haulerDon’t be confused by this image. They show the barber hauler on a short track that allows them to tweak the jib sheet angle as well as bring the sail inboard a bit. One adjustment for you is sufficient.





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  1. Greg and Mary Lynn you are great friends, we are so lucky to have you and we are thrilled that you are joining us in the Carribean. The last six years would not have been near as much fun without your family. Grand Cru would not have made it without the help of Fran and Mark and you and Mary Lynn. If I ever learn how to sail she will come a very close second going down island.

    Again thank you for all the fixing and buying and teaching and sewing and of course the blog….3,172 hits in the last 7 days and 8,699 in the last month….would it not be fun to know who they are????When you finish the new movie we should make it public !!!!

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