CCXVIII – Different Directions

Tuesday March 24th, 2015

Last night was our farewell dinner with our good friends John and Karen from Last Mango affectionately known as Mango or the Mangos. We have been with them for a considerable time and we have had a blast. We would like to thank them and wish them well going north. We hope to see them in Little Current sometime and will come to visit them if they get a two bedroom condo.

Last night we had dinner at Eddies Edgewater and were entertained by the Rake and Scrape band and to a lesser extent by Billy. The meals were fine and the place filled up as the Rake and Scrape band got underway. They use a mixture of conventional and unconventional instruments. It was fun.

We had a bit of a struggle finding Fracas on the way back. She was exactly where we left her but the dark and all the anchor lights play tricks with your mind. We lifted the dinghy and the motor and prepared to sail south with Devocean today. We are off to the Jumentos Islands for a few days.

More later




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  1. Greg and ML
    We had a most excellent adventure with you guys. We wish you safe travels south and back home. We will love to have you visit in our two bedroom condo 🙂

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