Ahhh, Christmas Day

Monday December’s 25th, twenty seventeen

Up early as usual. Soon all around us homes will be filled with squeals of delight, screams of “don’t touch anything until everyone is up”, and gasps of “oh you shouldn’t have” when they really mean it. Rooms will be filled with Chinese Christmas paper that can’t be recycled. We will start the eating and nibbling and drinking that lead to the invention of New Year’s resolutions. Toys will break early, be missing enough of the right batteries and be missing the part clearly labelled as such on the package in 0.05 size font.

People will get socks, sweaters and jeans, things they need. The cat will be off to the vet to have the tinsel ball removed from where ever it is lodged in the feline gastrointestinal system. Just four or five pet bucks (similar to boat bucks). It will snow and blow and people you would like to see won’t make it and others won’t be able to go home.

It will be a typical Canadian Christmas and by dinner time we will be planning and yearning for next Christmas. more later

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  1. You know I read your posts as often as I can and ya make my day. I know you get up at 4 am to think of this stuff. Today you hit it in the head. I tellin you if that cat has to go to the vet it may be his last if he even makes it there. All the best to all in the Wright / Wright household.
    P.S. Harrison, go ahead touch them all!!!

    1. Perhaps an correction should be offered on my part. If I sounded like a grinch my apologies. I assure you green is not my colour. I love the blog it makes my day as I’ve said. As usual I can relate to his writings, we’ve all been there. I think the writing is brilliant, Why the local paper hasn’t picked up on this is beyond me. I see however I should have typed “hit the nail ON the head” Not “in” the head, my bad. As for the cat, G knows the story of my $1000 half tailed cat. (Inside joke).
      I’m a firm believer that it’s good fun to open presents early especially when your as young as H. Couldn’t agree more keep them coming!

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