This website and blog chronicles the life, travels, tribulations, fails and rants of Greg and Mary Lynn Wright (mostly Greg). The voyage begun in 2014 continues.

  • 2014/2015 Inland rivers Chicago via Mobile Alabama to Georgetown Exuma, Bahamas, boat summered in Hurricane hole Stocking Island (Hurricane Joaquin)
  • 2015/2016 Georgetown boat summered in Fort Pierce (Hurricane Matthew)
  • 2016/2017 Fort Pierce to the Abacos, boat summered in Fort Pierce (Hurricane Irma)
  • 2017/2018 Fort Pierce to Indiantown Florida
  • 2018/2019 Indiantown Florida to Placida, Florida
  • 2019/2020 Placida Florida, Corona Virus, Placida Florida
  • 2020/? Placida Florida…


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  1. Hello from Sudbury!

    Dust bunnies are gone
    Cat fur vacuumed up
    Laundry all done
    Time to put our feet up!

    Grand Cru was a Lady
    She treated us kindly
    She deepened our love for the sea

    We discovered some treasures
    We had some adventures
    Just Grand Cru, Mark and me!

    Greg For your time and energy posting our antics, for your guidance and support on our maiden voyage, Mark and I very much want to thank you
    BVI is truly Nature’s Little Secrets

  2. Hi
    I took the Legal Awareness Course in July from you in North Perth. You set a password for accessing your page Legal Awareness for us to review. I am unable to login with the password northperth2014
    I am hoping that you can send me new password so I can review SOP’s and material on your page.

    Kristan Shrider

  3. Hi Greg and Mary Lynn,

    Hope your enjoying the loop… We plan on starting in 2016 🙂

    Joell and I were searching AGLCA blogs and came across yours. In one picture of Mary Lynn is driving the dinghy and it looks like it’s a Walker Bay Gensis with a 15 hp outboard. We were wondering how you liked it (if I’m correct) because we just purchased a 8’5″ one this year that has a ridgid (plastic type) bottom. We have a Mercury 15hp 2 cycle outboard which I expect will really make it fly.

    Thanks for the response,
    Mike and Joell
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    1. Hi Mike and Joell: The Walker Bay Genesis we have in combination with the 2 stroke 15 yamaha is a nice reliable ride. It will do about 23 kts with me alone. I have had mine for 5 seasons and we love it.
      It is a great boat for the south with the hypalon and plastic variant bottom. The only issue we know of about being south with them is if they are stored upside down the black bow insert and black trim tabs aft deteriorate and get brittle. This is due to the sun and is a small issue in my mind. I saw this on two friends dinghies in the Caribbean and they left them upside down on deck in the yard uncovered for the Caribbean summer.
      Enjoy your boat and have fun looping.
      Now for the unsolicited advice re looping…listen politely to everyone giving you advice they sit back and make your own decision. So far it is the best advice I have received before or on this trip.
      Have fun

  4. I like your blog setup. I’m running WordPress for the Quo Vadimus blog. Can you tell me the name of the countdown and webstats plugin that you are using?


  5. i am fasinated by your blog. I find it most interesting. Being a lover of sailing and any kind of boating activities for many years, i am just over whelmed by your posting and adventures. I would like to continue to keep in touch with your posting and adventures as one day i would like to do the same.
    i hope you get to see or visit the islands of the Florida Keys as they are one of my favorite spots other than the Carribean islands.
    thank you.

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